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Your child’s health is our top priority.

Corpus Christi Pediatrics provides comprehensive, compassionate, and quality care to children of all ages.

Prevention & Wellness

Everything from check-ups to annual physicals for your child’s health and wellbeing.

Asthma Evaluation & Management

Recommended every 3 months to ensure proper education & management.

Vaccines & Immunizations

Everything your infant, child, or adolescent needs for their immunity early on in life.

ADD/ADHD Evaluation & Treatment

Vanderbilt forms are used as a diagnostic tool for ADD/ADHD. Treatment is available in our office.

Screening & Referrals for Developmental Delays

Beginning at 9 months until 48 months of age. Referrals are sent at the discretion of
the provider.

General Health for Newborns, Children, and Adolescents

We take care in the development and testing needs for your child or children, according to national guidelines.

Cryotherapy for Warts

Standard treatment for wart removal  done in our office.
The liquid nitrogen application is pain free and takes less than one minute.

Ear Piercing

Starting at 3 months old we can pierce your child’s ears in a clean and sterile environment at our office.

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60+ years of combined experience serving the South Texas community.

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"I would highly recommend this pediatric clinic!"

I’ve been taking my grandchildren since they were toddlers and now they’re teenagers. Every time I’ve taken them the staff and dr have been exceptional.

"We are so happy to have found a great place."

My son has trouble with doctors visits but they were very polite, he was a lot more comfortable here than with our previous doctors office. They were quick and everyone was very nice and in a great mood.

"Thank you for taking such good care of my daughter!"

Dr. Torres hums to your baby and is very gentle. Her whole staff and center is very well kept. I recommend her to anybody with a newborn or  child she was amazing.

We’re looking forward to meeting your family.

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Providing comprehensive, compassionate, and quality care to children of all ages in South Texas.


General Health for Newborns, Children, and Adolescents

Prevention & Wellness

Immunizations & Vaccines

Ear Piercing


Sports Physicals

Pre-Op Clearance Exams

Asthma Evaluation and Management

Oral Flouride Varnish Applications


ADD & ADHD Evaluation and Treatment

Screening and Referrals for Developmental Delays

Cryotherapy for Warts

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